WineDec is the most elegant
and entertaining way to decant
and aerate wine. 

Hand-crafted from laboratory-grade glass and Swedish oak. Designed by wine experts, for everybody to enjoy a good wine. The unique design removes wine sediment without a filter, and the precision spout creates a gentle vortex of wine and air that ensures optimal flow.

The beautiful aerating spiral offers a mesmerizing experience while exposing the wine to just the right amount of air. The elegant laboratory inspired carafe is easy to pour from. A bottle of wine is aerated in approx. 4 minutes.

The WineDec is designed and made in Sweden by Scientific Lab Glass AB.


A complete WineDec set consists of:

  • Numbered scaffold of Oak, Amount 1Pc
  • Separator (top part), Amount: 1Pc
  • Coil with funnel (middle part), Amount: 1Pc
  • 2 Pcs Carafes (bottom part)

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